Paioli Components s.r.l.

On January 31, 2001, Paioli Components celebrated its first hundred years of uninterrupted business under the management of the same family Group.
There are only three businesses in the province of Bologna that can proudly claim such constant commitment and entrepreneurial dedication which, in the market segment that Paioli operates in, required and continues to require ongoing technological innovation, high levels of market sensitivity, variations, trends and consumer demands.
The increasing quality of the company is recognised by the numerous awards won in motorcycle sports, its relentless attention to even minor changes to the more traditional sports and leisure instrument, the bicycle, which was the original sector in which the founder, Ricciotti Paioli, operated in back in 1911.
Its systematic assertion with regard to product quality, the partnerships with some of the major industries in Italy, Europe and currently throughout the world, highlight the company’s success in keeping pace with changing times, using robust and extraordinarily sophisticated tools.
Not only are we not perturbed by this relentlessly difficult economic scenario, particularly in the engineering sector, but it actually encourages us to persevere in meeting the requirements of the domestic, European and world markets, particularly the opportunities that Asia has to offer, both in terms of product absorption and progressive technological adaptation to the most advanced quality standards; Paioli Components, under the shrewd management of Andrea Gnudi and the dynamic enthusiasm of his son Riccardo, provide everyone, and each supplier, with the technical and technological know-how to turn the materials and components purchased into synergic mechanisms of recognised value, and customers the confidence that they are using a highly reliable and premium product. We would therefore like to thank all our friends, colleagues and all those who take part in the development and consolidation of our company, especially during such difficult times, and encourage them, once again, to focus their every day work on excellence.
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